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Why does my piano go out of tune when I move it?

No matter how sophisticatedly a piano is made, moving it to a new location exposes it to different humidity levels and temperature. Due to this exposure, the piano strings get loose or become tight. On top of this, the wooden part of the instrument is affected due to the fluctuating humidity levels. These are the primary reasons a piano would go out of tune.

What is a pitch raise or correction?

It is a procedure that is done to change the overall tension of your entire instrumentโ€™s structure. The process is carried out before regular piano running and is also referred to as pre-tuning or preliminary tuning. The aim is to reset the piano back to its proper pitch through this quick, rough piano tuning process.

How to differentiate piano tuning, pitch raising and voicing?

Regarded the same by several customers, it should be noted that these three are standalone processes. Piano tuning refers to pulling the piano string to the optimum pitch so a relative tuning is achieved. Pitch raising involves tuning the instrument a number of times till the strings stretch out to their new tension. Voicing is a matter of hardening the hammers to achieve an even piano tone. This procedure leads to a dramatic difference in the sound.

How frequently should I get my piano tuned?

It is highly recommended that you get your piano tuned after every six months. For a new piano, the best option is to get it tuned two to four times in its first year followed by twice a year tuning. The frequency of getting your piano tuned also depends on the weather conditions, environment and the rate of playing the instrument.

What to do if my piano cannot be tuned?

A technician upon inspecting your piano can give you an idea of the investment required to get your piano tuned based on its existing condition. No matter how old your piano is, it can always be tuned. Each part of the piano can be fixed regardless of the amount of time it will need for getting repaired or restored.

What is the meaning of concert pitch?

Concert pitch is a reference point across the globe to which an instrument is tuned. That point is A440 โ€“ a frequency at which the sound waves beats per second. The idea is that two instruments when played together or with any recorded music should sound in tune with each other. The difference may come if the instrument is tuned to itself, thus letting it sound perfect when played without any other instrument.

What can I do to keep my piano in tune?

When the environmental conditions around your instrument are constant, it will stay in tune. You must try keeping the temperature between 60 to 75 degrees. The more constant the better it is. Regarding humidity, keep it stable by ensuring your piano is away from fireplaces, drafty windows, and heater vents.

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