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Having your piano tuned is half the battle won when it comes to maintaining its performance. The other half pertains to adjusting the mechanical aspects of the piano to compensate for dimensional changes in the wood due to changes in humidity, wear, and compacting of leather and cloth.

The inner playing mechanism of the piano called the action is a sensitive and complex machine that requires adjustment for a smooth performance and sound quality. Regardless of the type of the piano, the instrument needs periodic regulation, so it responds evenly across the keyboard. And thatโ€™s why we are here to serve you.

Whether you are experiencing a feeling of lost power and control, notes being slow when playing rapidly, excessive lost motion in the keys, uneven key height or key dip, not enough or too much aftertouch; your piano is calling you for a regulation.

When you call us, our technician will explain what is exactly needed for your piano to perform at its best.

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