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While the original design establishes the basic character of your instrumentโ€™s tone, every piano still has its unique tone that might be described as warm, glassy, thin, or full singing.

With time, the tone of your piano is deteriorated that leads to adjusting its tone or sound quality. Such an adjustment refers to voicing. The more you play the piano, the more it wears down and compacts since the hammer felt strikes the strings. Such a striking causes the tone to become too bright or harsh.

To meet your tone requirements, we offer piano voicing or tone regulation as a service. Our expert technicians help your piano deliver the warm, rich, full, and pleasing sound it was meant to produce.

When your piano demonstrate decay in volume, sounds harsh, metallic or renders a โ€œzingingโ€ sound, or produces unevenness of tone from one note the next, donโ€™t think for a second to call us for an appointment.

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