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Due to the mechanical wear and tear, a piano needs repair. The changes in the temperature and humidity levels add to it. Therefore, a complicated yet precious instrument like a piano shouldnโ€™t be left on its own, but for optimum performance, it must be repaired at the earliest.

Let your piano undergo the following repairs for great sound and performance.

Pedal Repair

If your pianoโ€™s pedal is giving strange sounds or isnโ€™t working at all, it may need a little adjustment instead of a complete restoration. Give us the opportunity to serve you through our pedal repair service.

String Repair

We initiate string replacement procedure if your string is broken in the middle or treble section. Remember that your piano strings may need frequent repairs as they are more likely to break if rusty, especially due to slight changes in tension.

Pedal Repair, String Repair, Hammer Reshaping,

When the hammer goes from round to flat, it leads the strike point with the string to get bigger. That ultimately lowers down the tone quality. In such a scenario, hammer reshaping is the right solution. We extend our services by touching up the hammers so they strike evenly. The process calls for removing layers of felt for restoring the hammerโ€™s shape followed by working on hammerโ€™s voicing. In the worst case where hammers have become too light, we replace them for best performance.

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